Sunday, 29 January 2017

Chhote Miyan Dhaakad 4 Colors TV Auditions Date, Time: Registration Form

Posted by Rihan Kumar
Colors TV is back with one of the most Entertainer Stand Up Comedy Kids Talent Hunt Show Called Chhote Miya. Here is the Auditions Registration Information. Audition Form for the Chhote Miyan Chapter 4 or Chhote Miyan Dhaakad on Colors Television Channel. See How to register and Participate in Kids Talent Hunt Stand-Up Comedy Show.


'Chhote Miyan Dhaakad’ is a Comedy Reality Show featuring the most talented ‘Kids’ from across the country. It has been one of the most popular and successful ‘Stand-up’ comedy shows on Indian Television. After producing 3 seasons, Chhote Miyan Chapter 4 is back with fresh talent, a new format and much more laughter and entertainment.

Kids with a talent in performing ‘Comedy Standup’ on stage and entertaining the audience will be handpicked through the process of ‘Silent Auditions’ from different parts of India. Top 12 of these participants will showcase their talent through solo, duo and team acts and one of them will finally win the title of ‘Chhote Miyan Dhaakad’.

Chhote Miyan Stand Up Comedy Kids Talent Hunt show will be Aired Very Soon on Colors Television Channel replacing Comedy Night Taaza. Stay Tuned for More News Updates.

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